Wood Group s'est associé à Amec Foster Wheeler pour former un nouveau leader mondial dans la fourniture de services de projets, d'ingénierie et techniques aux marchés de l'énergie et de l'industrie. Pour en savoir plus sur Wood, visitez notre nouveau site Web à l'adresse www.woodplc.com

Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct (the Code) is a set of principles to guide us, and those who work on our behalf and under our direction, in the conduct of our day-to-day business. Download the Code

Ethics helpline

If you become aware of any potential, suspected or actual breaches of the law or Amec Foster Wheeler’s Code of Business Conduct, you may report them as follows:

  • Speak to your line manager or Ethics Compliance Officer
  • Contact the General Counsel and Company Secretary
  • Contact the ethics helpline which is administered by an independent third party and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Your query can be supported in many different languages.
    Weblink - amecfw.ethicspoint.com
CountryTelephone number   
*Afghanistan 503-352-6924 
Australia 1-800-339276 
Canada (English) 1-855-260-7434 
Canada (French) 1-855-350-9393 
Chile 1230-020-5771 
China (Northern) 10-800-712-1239 
China (Southern) 10-800-120-1239 
Colombia 01800-9-155860
Czech Republic 800-142-550
Finland 0800-1-14945 
*Ghana 503-352-6924 
*India 503-352-6924 
Indonesia 001-803-011-3570 
*Iraq 503-352-6924 
Kazakhstan8^800-121-4321 first,
then 855-260-7434 
Korea (use from Korea Telecom line)00798-14-800-6599 
Korea (use from DaCom line) 00308-110-480 
Kuwait 00-1-855-260-7434 
*Libya 503-352-6924 
*Lithuania 503-352-6924 
Malaysia 1-800-80-8641 
*Mongolia 503-352-6924 
*Namibia 503-352-6924 
New Zealand0800-447737 
*Nigeria 503-352-6924 
Philippines 1-800-1-114-0165 
*Qatar 503-352-6924 
Romania0808-03-4288 first,
then 855-260-7434 
Saudi Arabia1-800-10 first,
then 855-260-7434 
South Africa080-09-92604 
Turkey866-307-5655 first,
then 855-260-7434 
Ukraine0-800-502-886 first,
then 855-260-7434 
UAE 1 8000-021 first,
then 855-260-7434 
UAE 2 (US Military Bases)8000-061 first,
then 855-260-7434 
UAE 3 (Use from a Du provider)8000-555-66 first,
then 855-260-7434 
US Virgin Islands1-855-260-7434 
*Indicates that you will need to make a reverse charge/collect call from these countries:

  • From an outside line contact your local operator
  • Request a reverse charge or collect call to be placed to the United States, to the number 503-352-6924
  • When the operator asks who is placing the call, give our company name. Do not give your name
  • All reverse charge or collect calls will be accepted by the EthicsPoint Contact Centre.

Code of Business Conduct

Modern slavery statement

Modern slavery

As a company we address modern slavery from the perspective that ethics and values must drive our actions and behaviours in order to attain real and meaningful compliance.

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