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Visbreaker heaters

We have a strong reputation in the design and construction of visbreakers and thermal crackers. Our experience includes visbreaking and/or thermal cracking of various petroleum residues and distillates, as well as such esoteric materials as gilsonite and shale oil.
Visbreaking and thermal cracking comprise a significant part of our 'bottom of the barrel' processing technology offering.

The heart of a visbreaker or thermal cracker is the fired heater.

We provide fired heater designs optimised for high efficiencies with low fuel consumption and long on-stream periods.
Heater design is of critical importance to ensure rapid pre-heat and the exact soaking time demanded by process requirements, particularly when visbreaking feedstocks are highly sensitive to coking. This must be accomplished without subjecting any portion of coil arrangements to excessive heat fluxes to meet all of these demanding requirements.
At the same time, these units offer sufficient operating flexibility to permit variation of soaking time-temperature curve as demanded by on-stream conditions. This is achieved by specific flow arrangements and by separating each pass for independent firing control.

We have used both soaking-coil and soaking-drum technologies in the design of visbreaker and thermal crackers. A number of the units we have designed have integrated visbreaking and thermal cracking sections. While we have all the in-house technology required for the design, engineering, and construction of a modern visbreaker, we have also successfully executed a number of designs using third-party technology.

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