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Resilient Infrastructure, Sustainable Communities (RISC)

Amec Foster Wheeler utilises a Resilience Infrastructure, Sustainable Communities (RISC)™ framework to plan, deliver and execute projects that incorporate sustainability and resilience features to add long-term value to our water projects. Our RISC framework connects, coordinates and integrates water and infrastructure expertise to help our customers identify climate change impacts and implement projects that prioritise and protect their most vulnerable and important assets. By using this framework customers can manage risks and reduce costs across the entire infrastructure landscape. Our integrated implementation of resilience projects such as flood protection, business continuity, data management, weather forecasting and modelling, asset management and green infrastructure allow our customers to proactively address climate related impacts to protect their single most valuable investment.

Measure RISC, build vision
RISC leverages Amec Foster Wheeler’s global capability to identify, plan and implement resilience solutions for our customers. Our framework integrates world-class expertise that allow organisations to identify climate change impacts, prioritise criteria, identify grant and finance opportunities, and complete resilience projects, such as:
  • High-resolution micro weather forecasting across Canada
  • Innovative water re-use projects in Brazil
  • Water utility projects in the UK
Resilient engineering and Green Infrastructure in the USAWe are passionate about delivering real results that contribute to a resilient and sustainable future. Protecting water resources and utilities from future climate related impacts such as floods, sea level rise and storms is equally important. Amec Foster Wheeler integrates vulnerability/ resilience expertise to identify and protect assets that allow communities to thrive.

RISC provides water security and protects water assets
Achieving water security and protecting water resources is a global challenge. We help our customers develop solutions that provide access to water for their needs, while sustaining ecosystems and protecting the biosphere. Amec Foster Wheeler approaches this challenge by assessing the pressures on supply, managing water usage, implementing demand and supply measures, and by taking a holistic water stewardship approach. Water security is achieved when supply and demand are balanced. However, the global demand for freshwater is increasing and the availability of this resource is becoming more variable.
Key components of our RISC framework expertise include:
  • Sustainability expertise
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Critical assets and operations
  • Integrated management systems
  • Resilience engineering and construction management

Resilient Cities

Graphic of a cartoon resilient city

Amec Foster Wheeler is a Global Platform Partner with the Rockefeller Foundation, 100 Resilient Cities initiative.

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