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Incorporating sustainability into brownfield planning

Developing Sustainability plans or carbon footprint analysis for Brownfield sites or neighbourhoods can provide local governments, communities and developers with a better understanding of the long-term impacts of the possible redevelopment scenarios for the property.

Sustainability analysis not only ensures that redevelopment strategies meet the needs of the local community but can provide new ideas to improve current redevelopment plans and to envision new plans that may not be obvious in the traditional development planning process.

Rather than just looking at the traditional big box stores or condominium developments, sustainability analysis looks for areas where the balance between social, economic and environmental aspects provide new ideas for reuse.

Instead of a focus on the negative aspects of brownfields – the contamination, abandoned buildings and distressed landscape – sustainability analysis evaluates the strengths of the brownfield – skilled labour, neighbourhoods, utilities, access to water and transportation – to provide new potential development scenarios that carefully balance the benefits and challenges of each site.

Environmental services

Offering our clients a diverse skill set from our environmental consultants and a complete array of environmental services covering air, land, and water

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