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Municipal stormwater management

Amec Foster Wheeler is a recognised leader in providing a comprehensive set of municipal stormwater management services to local governments throughout North America and internationally.

These include both water quality and quantity services and range from being site-specific to watershed-wide solutions. The services cover both institutional and technical needs for local governments and include the broad categories of:

  • Program planning and development;
  • Legal, technical and financial services;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Watershed and floodplain planning and management;
  • Design and construction.

Program planning and development
Amec Foster Wheeler is a leader in assisting local governments to assess, plan and implement comprehensive changes and improvements to their local stormwater management programs.

Amec Foster Wheeler employees have worked in over 100 cities and counties assisting local leaders to determine appropriate directions and steps to achieve short and long- term goals and objectives, identify resources, overcome obstacles, and gain public and key stakeholder support. Amec Foster Wheeler has developed approaches and tools that have proven effective in cities from 20,000 to over 4 million in population, and have been published in leading periodicals on three continents.

Legal, technical and financial services
Amec Foster Wheeler personnel have assisted local governments to develop the necessary legal, technical and financial foundations of a successful stormwater management program. Our staff are widely recognized for technical competence and detailed understanding of the needs and issues of local governments.

We are highly qualified and experienced in the development of stormwater utilities, BMP and quantity design criteria manuals, and comprehensive and speciality ordinances and regulations. Amec Foster Wheeler's GIS and database services include billing databases, palm computer and GPS based stormwater infrastructure inventories, and GIS application development.

Regulatory compliance
Amec Foster Wheeler is a leader in stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting and permit implementation, having performed such services across the United States. Local government regulatory compliance services include:

  • Water quality planning, feasibility and compliance, including phase I and II and industrial NPDES;
  • Total maximum daily load (TMDL) and watershed assessment studies;
  • Floodplain management, federal emergency management agency (FEMA) related flood;
  • Studies and re-studies, compliance and flood mitigation and recovery;
  • Community rating system (CRS);
  • Sediment and erosion control programs;
  • Regulatory and local inspection programs Illicit connections, dumping and spill programs;
  • Water supply studies;
  • Combined sewer programs;
  • Endangered species assessments;
  • Wetlands mapping, permitting and mitigation.

Watershed and floodplain planning and management
Planning and operating on a watershed-wide scale is an approach fast growing in popularity among local governments. Riparian corridor areas are becoming a focal point of action for many local governments in the face of increasing flooding and water quality problems, and public demand for recreational and aesthetic access to streams. Amec Foster Wheeler’s experienced leaders assist local governments in all aspects of watershed and floodplain planning and management, including:

  • Holistic watershed master planning;
  • Watershed assessments;
  • Flood studies and capital improvement plans;
  • Greenway and riparian corridor planning;
  • Floodplain planning and regulation;
  • Property acquisition, floodproofing and nonstructural floodplain management programs;
  • Multi-objective corridor planning;
  • Regulatory control development;
  • Public participation programs and stakeholder consensus building.

Stormwater design and construction monitoring
Amec Foster Wheeler's staff are widely experienced in the design of local stormwater infrastructure for both quality and quantity control. Designs have included site layouts, conceptual and design plans and specifications for stormwater quantity and quality controls, underground systems, channel relocation, bio-engineering and stream rehabilitation, dams and outlet works, etc.

Services include:

  • Site layout and design;
  • Hydraulic design;
  • Plans and specifications;
  • Construction observance sand monitoring;
  • Site inspection;
  • Plan review services for local government;
  • Transportation related design services;
  • Countermeasures for bridge and stream crossing scout;
  • BMP designs and programs;
  • Citizen involvement programs;
  • Biological and chemical monitoring and laboratory analysis.

Environmental services

Offering our clients a diverse skill set from our environmental consultants and a complete array of environmental services covering air, land, and water

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